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All Aunt B books aim to bring core values such as diversity, integrity, kindness, inclusiveness, oneness and social awareness to the forefront in an accessible and fun way. Designed for caregivers who are looking for ways to connect with their children in regards to bringing deeper awareness of self and social responsibility to the child. Reading these books together with your child will naturally open dialogue in regards to awareness of these concepts. 



Let's Learn Loving Kindness


We are the Flowers, the Trees, We are the Birds & the Bumblebees


What is a Thought & What Does it Do?


I Love You Soooo BIG



I have been looking for books that would help me teach my kids emotional awareness, how to manage their thoughts and selves. I wanted a tool to begin navigating these complex subjects in a kid-friendly manner - subjects many adults struggle with. I found exactly what I was looking for in these books. I highly, highly recommend!


A much needed primer on social awareness for kids. I was blown away by the simplicity of these rhyming verses which address the complex topics of kindness and social awareness for children. The authors descriptive phrases make it easy for children to relate to the words and the concepts presented in this book. As an early childhood educator I find great value in the lessons to be found here and the skill with which the author has presented them in an age appropriate manner. Kudos!

United States

Thoughtful and perfect for the mental health of children. I love this book. Getting children to realize they can let go of negative thoughts and not hold them in is so key. Children have a rough time expressing themselves when they think something sad or bad. So great. I wish I had this book when I was a child!


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Who is Aunt B?


   Aunt B is a pseudonym for Bonnie Cappon. Bonnie is mother of 3 grown children, grandmother to 2 littles, and beloved by nieces, nephews, grand nieces, grand nephews and many more. 

  She is a professional therapeutic counselor, a certified life coach and hypnotherapist, and reiki master. She relies upon her professional background to communicate big, important, foundational concepts to young audiences in a simple and easily understood way. 

  Her desire is to equip caregivers with tools to help the little ones in their care to grasp the 'why' behind loving, caring (empathy), sharing, giving, understanding, and emotional awareness for self and others. 

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